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WINGI: Empowering My Online Business Journey

WINGI: Empowering My Online Business Journey

Hi there, I'm Anne Nyanji, a businesswoman running an online fashion accessories and jewelry business in Kenya. 

My sister introduced me to Wingi about a year ago and  I downloaded the WINGI APP.  Ordering through the app is seamless, and I can conveniently pick up the products from their sample room at Sawa Mall in CBD, without having to spend a lot of time moving from shop to shop.

I really like their customer service. They are always prompt in responding to my queries and providing valuable assistance whenever I need it.

Wingi offers a wide variety of products, including trendy accessories and beautiful jewelry. It's a one-stop shop for all my business needs, catering to the diverse preferences of my customers.

As I aim to expand my business and reach more customers, Wingi has been a valuable partner. Their hassle-free shipping service takes care of order fulfillment and ensures timely delivery. It simplifies the long tedious shipping process.

In conclusion, Wingi has empowered my online business journey, with their app that has locally available products, a diverse product range, and seamless shipping. I highly recommend giving Wingi a try.

Best regards,

Anne Nyanji

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