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Transforming Cosmetic Packaging with WINGI

Transforming Cosmetic Packaging with WINGI

Company: Lulu Organics Hair and Body Care

Industry: Beauty and Cosmetics


Liza Maina's passion for natural beauty and the creative process of product development led her to establish Lulu Organics Hair and Body Care, a Kenyan beauty company.

In the past, Liza faced  a challenge in sourcing packaging materials for her products. She would often rely on her husband to purchase them during his business trips, which required a lot of back-and-forth communication and coordination. This was very time consuming on both parts and she could not find all the packaging she needed.

To address this this challenge, Liza decided to source packaging materials from WINGI. With a few clicks on the WINGI website, she can browse through the extensive packaging  category, choose what she wants and order from the comfort of her home and WINGI handles all logistics. It’s a hassle-free experience!


‘’I am very happy with the products I received after placing my order from WINGI. What I ordered is exactly what I received and within the communicated time. Ordering from the WINGI website was so easy. I easily browsed through their offerings and selected what I needed, all from the comfort of my home. The payment plan they provide is flexible, making it convenient for me.

Key Benefits:

  • Improved Brand Image: Lulu Organics enhanced its brand image by utilizing high-quality packaging materials that aligned with its commitment to natural beauty and sustainability.
  • Streamlined Operations: WINGI's user-friendly website and the timely delivery system allowed Lulu Organics to streamline its packaging process, saving time and resources.
  • Accelerated Growth: The hassle-free packaging solutions provided by WINGI empowered Lulu Organics to focus on product innovation and expand its product line.


In conclusion, the partnership between Lulu Organics and WINGI has been transformative. Liza saved  approximately 6 months of shipping and around Kshs. 100,000. Through significant cuts in costs and sourcing time, Lulu Organics Hair and Body Care is continuously growing. Liza Maina can now easily fulfill her entrepreneurial dreams. 


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