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From Hassle to Ease: My Experience with WINGI

From Hassle to Ease: My Experience with WINGI

I am Tonie Kerubo, a student at JKUAT studying radiotherapy. I started my side hustle, Braxton_Store, in 2020. I decided to focus on jewelry. As a student, I wanted to earn extra cash to pay my bills without totally depending on my parents. 


I learned about WINGI on Instagram and decided to download the app. After a short while, I decide to make my first order. Interacting with WINGI has been easier compared to when I had to get products from Dubois and Kamukunji, which was a lot of hassle. I have had instances where prices would change, and I would make losses. However, with the WINGI price on the app remaining the same, I have no worries when advertising. The customer support is very prompt, even late in the evening.

WINGI has had a tremendous impact on my business. Apart from having larger profit margins, I don't have to run errands from shop to shop looking for stock. I just scroll through the app, and everything I need is there. Nowadays, I don't worry about rent, and even sometimes school fees. WINGI has good quality products, and this makes my customer retention high.

My business goal is to expand to other categories of home décor and lingerie. By using the WINGI app and website, I have access to different product categories and I can easily venture into them the as I can see their price and the profit that I will make. 

Thank you, WINGI, for making my business journey easier and more profitable. I highly recommend WINGI to anyone who wants to start or expand their business.

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